Zapier Integration - Automate PDF Generation and Send as Attachment With Zapier Step-By-Step Guide

PDF files are the best exchange format to perserve and present the content and layout and it ensures the content look the same across different devices and platforms.

Want to create PDFs by using reusable templates and API? With PDF Generation and Zapier integration, you can automate your email workflow to attach a templated PDF and have full control of PDF footer/header.

For example, you can send the weekly email and a attach a PDF to clients on a schedule.

We also support dynamic QRCode and barcode generation for your PDF

The followings are the steps to configure Zapier to attach PDF generated by and send out an email as attachment

Step 1 - Create a trigger first(In our case, we use 'Schedule by Zapier'). Then add an new action and find our app("Generate PDF or Image by")

Step 2 - Select an action event("Create PDF by Using a Template")

Step 3 - Choose account and click on the blue button to sign in to our app

Step 4 - Locate your API Key in your web console and enter it in zapier's connection

Step 5 - Select the newly created connection

Step 6 - Under "Setup action", select a template

Step 7 - Copy the sample JSON from the template editor under "Sample JSON"

Step 8 - Paste the JSON data into json data in Zapier

Step 9 - Test the action and generate a sample PDF

Step 10 - Create a new action "Send outbound email", under attachment select "Download Url"

Step 11 - Fill in other information such as subject, to and body

Step 12 - Test the action

Step 13 - Check your mail client for the email

Step 14 - Turn on your zap & done!