Zapier Integration - Automate Instagram Image Generation with Zapier Step-by-step

APITemplateio can help you generate your social images such as instagram from custom reusable templates via REST API or no-code platforms

Overview of the workflow to generate instagram posts and share it to your instagram feed as follows

The followings are the steps to configure Zapier to generate quotes and post it to Instagram

Step 1 - Airtable: Create airtable bases and define the fields

Step 2 - Create a trigger - schedule by Zapier to schedule the task on daily basis

Step 3 - Create a new action "Find record in airtable" and setup the action

Step 4 - Test the action

Step 5 - Create a new action "Generate PDF or Image by" and select action event "Create Image by Using a Template"

Step 6 - Setup the action by select the template id, update the JSON data

Step 7 - Test the action

Step 8 - Create a new action "Update Record in Airtable", and update the field "status" to "completed"

Step 9 - Test the action

Step 10 - Create a new action "Publish Photo in Instagram for Business" and setup the action

Step 11 - Test the action